Cloud Foundry Summit: The Growing Effects of ALM on CFF

C. Dunlap

Summary Bullets:

  • CFF needs to target a broader audience of providers as part of the ALM ecosystem to address DevOps pain points.
  • OSS technologies and initiatives will play a major role in expanding ALM in the next 12 months.

As usual, multi-cloud benefits were the reigning theme around Cloud Foundry Foundation’s (CFF) primary objective. The open source multi-cloud PaaS project created by parent company VMware has made significant strides rallying a vibrant community of contributors, including IBM, Google, Red Hat, SAP and its latest, Microsoft. A particularly crucial effort spearheaded by the group over the past year called Open Service Broker API helps illustrate its importance in promoting multi-cloud capabilities to further the business agendas and opportunities among members. The certificate supports a consistent API to allow CFF members to jockey deals among cloud competitors in order to share and leverage high-value services which enterprises seek. So, for example, Red Hat can offer Amazon Lambda to its customers, while Amazon makes Red Hat OpenShift available to its customers, a recent arrangement made possible via Service Broker.

Perhaps more important is CFF’s work around newer initiatives which acknowledge a new breed of memberships stemming from DevOps needs versus its traditional focus on the developer. These increasingly important technologies as part of ALM include application management and orchestration components such as application performance management (APM). Having the ability to access components of that type of app monitoring and management technology, with innovative automation via AI, will become increasingly important for ensuring apps (such as microservice apps) are not only running at full capacity and efficiency, but also achieving maximum success from a users’ point of view.

Initiatives which support these efforts – some founded by CFF, some by other PaaS competitors – include: Container Networking Interface, Container Storage Interface, Open Container Initiative, MicroProfile, Istio and AMALGAM8.

For more insight into those ALM technology initiatives and conference trends and analysis, please see “Cloud Foundry Summit: The Changing Face of CFF in the ALM.”

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