Beyond the Cloud: Top Data Center Providers Emphasize Flexibility, Security

A. DeCarlo
A. DeCarlo

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  • Cloud solutions rule long-range enterprise IT planning sessions, but today’s corporate data center requirements are much more nuanced and complex.
  • Top providers deliver a range of capabilities, including the transition support organizations need as they consolidate servers and plot future cloud migrations. 

IT organizations today cannot risk being without a clear cloud strategy for the future.  However, the focus in the data center now is on near-term needs.  Even in the midst of the cascading cloud computing wave, on-demand computing solutions still constitute a relatively small percentage of the revenues of most of the leading data center services providers today.  Frankly, most organizations are too busy (grappling with myriad tactical challenges) to address longer-term, strategic issues, through cloud technology or any other data center solution. Continue reading “Beyond the Cloud: Top Data Center Providers Emphasize Flexibility, Security”