OSS Technologies Which Are Key to Container, Microservices Adoption

Charlotte Dunlap – Principal Analyst, Application Platforms

Summary Bullets:

• Vendors are supplementing platform services via OSS tools and frameworks
• OSS drastically improves time-to-market for next-generation architectures and technologies

I’ve just wrapped up a spring tour of app platform vendor conferences. Despite the fact that innovative technology rollouts promise Netflix-like continuous delivery of modern apps, I’ve got some concerns. Inevitably while attending smaller technology sessions during said conferences, I’d encounter parties from both sides of the DevOps equation expressing frustration and confusion around how to implement modern hybrid cloud app development solutions. Continue reading “OSS Technologies Which Are Key to Container, Microservices Adoption”

Cloud Offerings Evolve to Usher in Containerization, Microservices

Charlotte Dunlap – Senior Analyst, Application Platforms

• Microservice frameworks are evolving to better address containerization complexities

• Containerization is at the foundation of comprehensive clouds, enabling microservices

Cloud players with a vested interest in platform services to virtualization and private cloud are refining their strategies to emphasize the importance of application containerization. PaaS’s are downplaying the building and hosting of monolithic and even N-tier apps, for clouds which now include containerization plus the use of microservices and distributed service components to support continuous delivery of services and applications. Continue reading “Cloud Offerings Evolve to Usher in Containerization, Microservices”

Microservices to Dominate PaaS Offerings; Efforts Receive Boost from MicroProfile Project


C. Dunlap
C. Dunlap

Summary Bullets:

  • PaaS offerings are beginning to include container/microservices options.
  • The MicroProfile project seeks to ensure heterogeneous deployments of microservices apps.

Microservices efforts got a major boost during Red Hat’s recent annual conference, where the vendor presented its flagship PaaS OpenShift as a container platform while simultaneously launching a new community project, MicroProfile.io. The project acknowledges Java EE as the dominant standard for building next-generation, business-critical, distributed apps and aims to raise the bar among Java developers looking to move into microservices and container environments. Continue reading “Microservices to Dominate PaaS Offerings; Efforts Receive Boost from MicroProfile Project”

Microservices Get a Kick Start as OSS PaaS Leaders Commit to New App Development Architecture

Charlotte Dunlap
Charlotte Dunlap

Summary Bullets:

  • Red Hat and Pivotal/Cloud Foundry are looking to establish leadership roles in defining microservices technologies.
  • Approaches vary between the two OSS players, with a division primarily around buildpacks versus containers.

Microservices is the hottest new technology to hit the application platforms market sector, promising to deliver a more agile and efficient way to build, deploy, and manage apps. Most application platform providers are trying to figure out how microservices fit into their current middleware portfolios, but Red Hat and Pivotal (Cloud Foundry) are taking an early lead on launching their own distinct initiatives. The OSS PaaS leaders are causing disruption to the application platforms industry through thought leadership and announcements around microservices, albeit through varying technology support of containerization, buildpacks, and orchestration. The battle has begun over which of the two will generate the most momentum around their technology strategies. This week, I compared the different approaches between the rival PaaS players (please see: OSS PaaS Rivals Red Hat and Pivotal Tackle Microservice Architectures via Very Different Approaches, June 30, 2015). Continue reading “Microservices Get a Kick Start as OSS PaaS Leaders Commit to New App Development Architecture”