The Event Stream Is Dead; Long Live Employee Engagement

Brad Shimmin
Brad Shimmin

Summary Bullets:

  • If this year’s E2 Conference is any indicator of things to come, the idea of a universal ‘Facebook for the Enterprise’ is dead.
  • Instead, industry leaders from the likes of SAP and IBM are touting a more engaged notion of transparency and context.

I always look forward to the Enterprise 2.0 Conference (or the E2 Conference, as it is now called), because it is one of the few general trade shows dedicated to the broader issue of enterprise collaboration.  It’s also housed within the great city of Boston, which is always a pleasure to visit.  Where else can you expect to find true rivals (Jive, SAP and IBM, for instance) openly discuss strategic issues such as the changing role of enterprise social networking?  During one such panel comprised of these same companies, IBM’s Alistair Rennie addressed the importance of mobility, saying that having a mobile client for this or that platform shouldn’t be the prime objective.  Rather, user engagement should be the top priority for vendors and customers alike. Continue reading “The Event Stream Is Dead; Long Live Employee Engagement”