The Bad Habits of Using Business Buzzwords

T. Banting

Summary Bullets:

• Collaboration vendors’ use of vague industry jargon tricks people into believing something important is behind the technology they represent, rather than describing how technology can be applied to solve business problems.

• Vendors should instead use plain, instructive language to explain how their technology can be a strategic asset that helps organizations meet their business objectives.

Every industry has its own unique jargon and buzzwords. Sometimes it’s useful, serving as a shortcut to ‘make sure we are all on the same page’; however, I have sat through far too many empty, jargon-laden vendor presentations and become annoyed at how ambiguous jargon inhibits effective vendor communication. Continue reading “The Bad Habits of Using Business Buzzwords”

Make Speaking on SDN a 2014 Resolution

  • Mike Fratto
    Mike Fratto

    The true value of SDN lies in the benefits it can provide across a number of IT environments, but determining that specific value is difficult at best and requires context that only you can provide.

  • Make a point of extending the discussion about SDN at conferences and take the time to share your experiences and concerns with your IT colleagues; everyone will reap benefits far beyond the price of admission.

The SDN discussion really needs to move beyond the technology that powers it and towards the value it provides to enterprise IT. Thankfully analysts, press, and technical bloggers are all starting to talk about the value that SDN provides in addition to technology and I think we’ll see much more in 2014. Continue reading “Make Speaking on SDN a 2014 Resolution”