UK Enterprises Heading for a High-Fiber Diet

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  • CityFibre is reportedly in talks over a GBP 1 billion stake sale to fund further UK fiber rollout.
  • BT has also stated that it is looking for a joint venture partner to invest in Openreach’s extended fiber rollout.

You wait years for a full-fiber rollout; then three come along at the same time. UK infrastructure providers have been looking to accelerate their fiber network rollouts, increasingly with the backing of financial/institutional investors. Continue reading “UK Enterprises Heading for a High-Fiber Diet”

Cisco Aims to Facilitate Events Suited for the Post-Pandemic World

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G. Willsky

• Socio’s platform enables execution of hybrid events spanning in-person and virtual attendees.

• Event organizers benefit disproportionately from the platform as compared to meeting attendees.

In May 2021, Cisco announced its intention to acquire Socio Labs, an event management platform provider. The acquisition is expected to finalize in Cisco’s Q4 fiscal year 2021 (May-July) subject to customary closing conditions and required regulatory approvals. Cisco declined to reveal the value of the transaction.

Socio’s platform enables execution of hybrid events mixing in-person and virtual attendees. As the end of the COVID-19 pandemic draws nearer, “hybrid” has emerged in the lexicon to represent a new normal in the workplace – a blending of in-office and virtual employees. Cisco’s new events capability is a corollary to that reality.

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Facebook Workplace Is Poised to Become a Significant Threat to Collaboration Players

Rob Pritchard

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  • Facebook enterprise collaboration tool Workplace is being used by seven million paying subscribers, up 40% year-on-year.
  • Facebook is leveraging its internally developed platform, brand, customer base, and deep resources. Other providers of collaboration tools should pay attention.

The collaboration market is set to witness additional competition, as Facebook is becoming an important player with its Workplace software tool.

Everyone knows Facebook is big; more than three billion users worldwide prove that. But it’s a relative secret that Facebook is also big – and growing – in the business market, with more than 200 million customers.  Within that base, Facebook supports in excess of 30,000 organizations using Workplace, including seven million paid subscribers. Continue reading “Facebook Workplace Is Poised to Become a Significant Threat to Collaboration Players”

Zoom Sheds Its Video-Centric Roots and Blossoms into a Complete UC&C Vendor

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G. Willsky

• Zoom was first to market with a free platform combined with one-click meeting access. Usage quickly soared.

• Zoom’s popularity has generated challenges but the company has addressed them head-on.

COVID-19 has fundamentally changed the work environment. Enterprises have been forced to adapt with unprecedented speed to radically altered ways of doing business both internally and when engaging with customers, vendors, and suppliers. Flexible working and enhanced collaboration are now hardwired into organizations large, small, and in-between.

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KubeCon Europe 2021: Key Themes Centered on Observability and Service Mesh

C. Dunlap

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  • Prominent KubeCon themes included observability and service mesh.
  • New Relic and F5/NGINX made key announcements.

The open source software (OSS) community huddled up last week during KubeCon Europe, clearly affected by the past year’s strain on companies and DevOps teams, resolving to refine digitization via emerging technologies. Twice a year, KubeCon provides the industry with a developer-focused gauge of key trends and innovations related to app modernization, DevOps, and Kubernetes/container innovations. Continue reading “KubeCon Europe 2021: Key Themes Centered on Observability and Service Mesh”

Malaysian Telecom Update Q1 2021

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Alfie Amir
A. Amir

• The Malaysian telecom market is undergoing a massive change with the 5G special purpose vehicle (SPV) and Celcom-Digi merger announcements.

• Telcos continued to expand their enterprise ICT capabilities to capture the growing opportunity.

This report discusses key trends, market impacts and recommendations for service providers based on major announcements from industry players in the recent quarter and GlobalData Malaysia Mobile Broadband Forecast Q4 2020 and Malaysia Fixed Communications Forecast Q4 2020 published on March 24, 2021.

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Virtual Care via BlueJeans Telehealth from Verizon Business Echoes In-Person Appointments

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G. Willsky

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  • The new BlueJeans Telehealth solution narrows the gap in quality between the traditional connected health model and an in-office visit.
  • Verizon Business could leverage the technological expertise amassed in building BlueJeans Telehealth towards similar solutions for additional verticals.

The practice of administering medical care in a virtual setting has become routine. Nevertheless, remote engagement between patients and medical professionals still lags in quality to an in-office visit.  The new BlueJeans Telehealth solution by Verizon Business narrows this gap by augmenting the traditional connected health model.  While BlueJeans Telehealth positions Verizon Business well in the healthcare vertical, the competition is not sitting still and thus success is by no means assured. Continue reading “Virtual Care via BlueJeans Telehealth from Verizon Business Echoes In-Person Appointments”

Tencent Jumps on the Indonesian Cloud Bandwagon with New Data Centers in the Country

A. Amir

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  • While the competition is increasing, Tencent could capitalize on its early-mover advantage against AWS and Azure and highlight its vertical capabilities.
  • However, there are several competitive gaps it needs to address such as professional services and ecosystem partners.

Tencent is well known in the mass market in ASEAN for its WeChat social media app, JOOX music streaming app, and Shopee e-commerce platform (Tencent is the main beneficiary of Shopee’s parent company with a 39.7% share), each having significantly expanded its subscriber base in the region.  However, very few were aware of the company’s cloud and vertical solutions in the enterprise segment.

Last week, the company launched a new data center in Indonesia, with plans to open another facility in the country in a few months.  The launch is a timely move for Tencent to capture the growing market opportunity despite increasing competition from other cloud players.  To date, Tencent has a total of 61 availability zones across 27 regions, including 20 data centers in 13 locations outside China.  As part of its global expansion plan, it also plans to expand in few other countries, including Malaysia and Thailand later this year. Continue reading “Tencent Jumps on the Indonesian Cloud Bandwagon with New Data Centers in the Country”

ASEAN 5G Q1 2021 Roundup: More Edge Computing and Private Network Developments

A. Amir

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  • Malaysia has joined Indonesia and Vietnam with its commitment to launch 5G this year, while telcos in the Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand are moving to the next deployment phase with a wider focus on standalone (SA) architecture, private network services, and industry collaborations.
  • 5G adoption has been revised slightly upward, driven by the increase in the subscriptions and lower overall mobile users.

Key Announcements

February 2021 – Singtel Launches Singapore’s First Commercial Indoor 5G Network: Singtel expanded its 5G coverage to VivoCity Mall, with plans to extend the coverage to other popular malls in the country this year.  While the focus was mainly on enhancing customer experience through faster speeds (up to 1.2 Gbps), the indoor network is expected to drive new 5G applications in the retail industry such as enhanced shopping experience through AR/VR, personalized customer experience, and smart inventory. Continue reading “ASEAN 5G Q1 2021 Roundup: More Edge Computing and Private Network Developments”

5G and Land Mobile Radio (LMR): Partners in Supporting Tomorrow’s Critical Communication Industry

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M. Rogers

• The mobile industry is increasingly developing 5G use cases to support critical operations in heavy industries like construction, oil and gas, and manufacturing.

• Despite advances in 5G solutions, many industrial customers still prefer to use legacy systems for critical workloads like voice and location, citing simplicity and reliability and concerns around security of IP networks.

The mobile industry continues to promote 5G as the wireless generation built for the enterprise. As 5G rollouts progress across the globe, operator initiatives continue to focus on ways the technology can be applied to enterprise use cases. One common area operators are trying to develop is the use of 5G in heavy industry like construction, mining, manufacturing, and oil and gas. These industries often require workers to be in dangerous environments and require constant communication between workers and equipment, including traffic that spans voice, location data, machine telemetry, and environmental sensors. Operators like Orange, Singtel, SK Telecom, Telstra, AT&T, and China Mobile are at various stages of working with enterprises in verticals like healthcare, energy, mining, construction, manufacturing and government to develop ways to deploy 5G networks into their critical operations. The low latency and high bandwidth nature of the technology allows for real-time collection and processing of large amounts of data that can be used to enable remote operations, automation, enhanced security and a myriad other use cases.

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