Microservices Get a Kick Start as OSS PaaS Leaders Commit to New App Development Architecture

Charlotte Dunlap
Charlotte Dunlap

Summary Bullets:

  • Red Hat and Pivotal/Cloud Foundry are looking to establish leadership roles in defining microservices technologies.
  • Approaches vary between the two OSS players, with a division primarily around buildpacks versus containers.

Microservices is the hottest new technology to hit the application platforms market sector, promising to deliver a more agile and efficient way to build, deploy, and manage apps. Most application platform providers are trying to figure out how microservices fit into their current middleware portfolios, but Red Hat and Pivotal (Cloud Foundry) are taking an early lead on launching their own distinct initiatives. The OSS PaaS leaders are causing disruption to the application platforms industry through thought leadership and announcements around microservices, albeit through varying technology support of containerization, buildpacks, and orchestration. The battle has begun over which of the two will generate the most momentum around their technology strategies. This week, I compared the different approaches between the rival PaaS players (please see: OSS PaaS Rivals Red Hat and Pivotal Tackle Microservice Architectures via Very Different Approaches, June 30, 2015). Continue reading “Microservices Get a Kick Start as OSS PaaS Leaders Commit to New App Development Architecture”