Automated Trouble Resolution: Changing the IT/Network Management Game Proactively

Brian Washburn
Brian Washburn

Summary Bullets:

  • Expert systems have transformed into an IT/network outsourcing alternative for larger enterprises.
  • Specialty provider IPsoft is both natural partner and potential competition to adjacent CRM and BPO sectors.

Current Analysis subscribers to our IT/network services content, and attendees to our year-end trends webinar, know that I’ve been pounding the table for months now about industry trends that will come together and change the way service providers do business. I’ve whittled my obsession down to five major industry vectors: One of those trends is a combination of evolved expert systems and analytics, with big data support. Today I’ll just look at the expert systems element, and what it alone is doing in the industry. Continue reading “Automated Trouble Resolution: Changing the IT/Network Management Game Proactively”