Just How Important is the Cloud to Unified Communications?

Brad Shimmin
Brad Shimmin

Summary Bullets:

• The cloud is here to stay, but do IT buyers responsible for enterprise chat, voice, and video, truly look to the skies in delivering such real-time communications modalities?

• Our new primary research results affirm the importance of the cloud for real-time communications — that is, the importance of the cloud in “all” of its many guises.

Certainly the cloud has already and will only continue to dramatically impact every nook and cranny of the enterprise IT landscape. Whether it’s something as specific as speeding development QA and test cycles, or as general as cutting back on and simplifying hardware expenditures, the cloud has shown itself capable of both mirroring and in many instances improving workloads traditionally housed on premises, within the data center, the server closet or even beneath the receptionist’s desk. Continue reading “Just How Important is the Cloud to Unified Communications?”