Moving to the Cloud Doesn’t Eliminate the Need for Integrated IT Services

John Marcus
John Marcus

Summary Bullets:

  • With IT infrastructure being virtualized and moved off-premises into the cloud in an effort to manage fixed costs, IT organizations – including outsourced resources – will inevitably shrink.  Automation cannot replace everything, however, so enterprises should continue to keep their IT service providers around.
  • Services integration may be the latest buzzword among key providers, but it makes sense to use an IT integrator to help navigate the simultaneous complexities of cloud migration, internal downsizing, use case development, and tactical IT purchasing.  Knowledge of the business environment is an invaluable differentiator for in-house IT providers and they should capitalize on this to remain relevant.

As IT resources move off-premises into the cloud, IT organizations on-premises will get smaller.  External services will replace those resources, but the expectation is that this will be achieved by increased automation via the cloud.  So, on the one hand, enterprise services will need to replace management functions formerly offered by in-house IT, but on the other hand, do it more efficiently than traditional outsourcing.  The pressure will be on IT service providers to take more responsibility, for potentially smaller contracts, from increasingly demanding customers. Continue reading “Moving to the Cloud Doesn’t Eliminate the Need for Integrated IT Services”