‘BT for Life Sciences’ Maps Progress in Biomedical/Pharmaceutical IT Industry

Brian Washburn
Brian Washburn

Summary Bullets:

  • The ‘BT for Life Sciences’ program has built up personnel expertise and ramped up partners and customers, and it is adding adjacent services.
  • While the pharmaceutical sector enters integrators’ territory, major telecom service providers target opportunities across the wide spectrum of healthcare services.

Service providers know well by now that enterprise cloud services are about more than selling low-cost compute power.  The value of a cloud service is in the sum of applications, expertise and agility the provider brings to the table.  BT has been heavily focused on solution building – in the past, to the point of overextending itself with large, specialized consulting and professional services engagements.  Since then, the provider has taken a more pragmatic approach, which includes delivering industry-specific, repeatable cloud solutions.  BT’s vertical solutions targets include pharmaceutical industry contracts, and its BT for Life Sciences business unit puts it in good stead to compete for these compute-intensive projects. Continue reading “‘BT for Life Sciences’ Maps Progress in Biomedical/Pharmaceutical IT Industry”