Red Hat Summit: Ansible’s Growing Prominence

C. Dunlap

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  • Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform is growing in prominence within OpenShift and the industry in general
  • Ansible’s popularity has prompted a new round of key partnerships to expand OpenShift’s ecosystem

Red Hat Ansible has matured into a shining star, not only among OpenShift’s portfolio, but the industry in general for its ability to abstract the complexity of building and operating IT automation at scale as part of enterprises’ business transformations.

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Vodafone UK M&A Rumors Indicate Further Consolidation During Cost-of-Living Crisis

R. Pritchard

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  • The incremental consolidation of the UK enterprise telecoms market continues in light of broader national combinations, with further deals inevitable.
  • Although driven by financial imperatives in a highly competitive market, these developments reflect a broader re-segmentation in the context of the current economic environment.

Following the creation of the Virgin Media O2 50:50 joint venture between Liberty Global and Telefónica via the merger of their respective Virgin Media and O2 UK businesses, there has been an increasing pressure on Vodafone, BT, and other players to improve investor returns by creating a greater scale through mergers and acquisitions.

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Fujitsu Takes a Shot at Big Cloud with New HPC On-Demand Offering

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Beatriz Valle Headshot
B. Valle

  • Fujitsu is the latest infrastructure vendor to enter the market of high-performance computing as a service (HPCaaS) with the ‘Fujitsu Computing as a Service (CaaS)’ portfolio.
  • Competitors in this market include Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), Lenovo, IBM, Dell Technologies, Atos, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Oracle Cloud, and Alibaba.

Fujitsu announced the launch of the Fujitsu CaaS portfolio in Japan last month, a services platform to enable commercial organizations to access high-end HPC capabilities to run complex artificial intelligence (AI) workloads via the public cloud. ‘Fujitsu Cloud Service HPC,’ the first services offering made available as part of the CaaS portfolio, is based on Fujitsu’s Supercomputer PRIMEHPC FX1000 servers running on ARM A64X chips, the same processors behind the world’s fastest supercomputer, Fugaku. Fujitsu has combined these supercomputing capabilities with software to deploy a wide range of AI and machine learning (ML) applications. Continue reading “Fujitsu Takes a Shot at Big Cloud with New HPC On-Demand Offering”

8×8 and Genesys Announce an Integration, but There Is Much More Than Meets the Eye

Gregg Profile Photo
G. Willsky

Summary Bullets:

  • The integration enables collaboration between contact center agents and subject matter experts throughout their organizations.
  • The announcement reinforces trends around coopetition, contact centers, and linkage between UCaaS and CCaaS.

8×8 and Genesys announced that 8×8’s ‘Work’ now features integration with Genesys’ ‘Cloud CX.’ 8×8 Work includes enterprise voice, video meetings, and team chat capabilities. Cloud CX is a contact center offer that works across phone, email, chat, text, and social channels. The integration will enable contact center agents to collaborate with subject matter experts across an organization. Agents will access subject matter experts through a company directory, while those experts can indicate their availability to respond to customer inquiries. Agents will access both offers through a single sign-on. Both offers can be downloaded from either vendor’s app store.

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Google Unifies Data Storage with BigLake   

Principal Analyst, Advanced Analytics

Summary Bullets:

  • Companies rely upon data lakes to store massive amounts of unstructured data. However, data lakes are not equipped with the necessary tools for deep analysis.
  • With Google’s BigLake, users can utilize analysis tools to query their data from a single platform, avoiding the risk and expense of moving data to a platform with more functions.

The ever-increasing amount of data collected by businesses, governments, and related organizations creates both opportunities and problems; the ability to collect and analyze data allows companies to understand their customer’s preferences quickly and accurately.  At the same time, the amount of data ingested continues to grow exponentially, overwhelming efforts to manage and analyze the data effectively.  Creating even more challenges in data collection has been the shift from the orderly, defined tables of structured data stored in a data warehouse to the exabytes of raw unstructured data, including text messages, audio files, videos, and all of the by-products of the digital world.  Continue reading “Google Unifies Data Storage with BigLake   “

Cisco’s Webex Adoption Methodology Is an Antidote to Competitive Homogeneity

G. Willsky

Summary Bullets:

  • Three market drivers are causing the lines between competitors’ UC&C platforms to blur.
  • Facilitating platform adoption is a meaningful source of competitive differentiation.

The lines are blurring between competitors’ UC&C platforms. Feature sets are beginning to look similar.  Interoperability between disparate hardware and between disparate software is becoming more commonplace.  Acquisitions and partnerships are bringing functionality from opposing players under one roof. Continue reading “Cisco’s Webex Adoption Methodology Is an Antidote to Competitive Homogeneity”

Radian Arc, the Tiny Edge Infrastructure Provider Driving 5G Monetization

Summary Bullets:

M. Rogers

• Radian Arc, a Perth-based edge infrastructure provider is helping telco monetize 5G with cloud gaming, but is turning its sights on enterprise applications.

• Radian Arc’s built for purpose edge infrastructure and partner marketplace could offer a template for a CAPEX free way for telcos to monetize 5G.

Radian Arc, founded only in 2020, is making a name for itself in the emerging cloud gaming industry. Cloud gaming works largely the same way as video streaming services, with content and processing stored and run on remote servers with the visual outputs of the game being streamed to an end user device. Radian Arc, however, is not a gaming company, instead positioning as an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provider, specifically focusing on providing graphical processing unit (GPU) and storage solutions. However, unlike IaaS providers in the public cloud space like AWS or Azure, or traditional private cloud IaaS, Radian Arc is focused exclusively on delivering their infrastructure at the edge of telecom operator networks.

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Follow the Hardware to Gauge Enterprise Metaverse Adoption

Summary Bullets:

S. Schuchart

• Headset hardware, especially size and weight, is the greatest inhibitor of metaverse plans coming to large scale fruition

• The speed and commitment of headset hardware vendors is an indicator of metaverse acceleration

Hype over the metaverse may be subsiding slightly as world events overtake everyone’s available attention, but one of the biggest inhibitors to the fruition of the metaverse is headset hardware. AR or VR glasses are available, but it is reasonable to look at the large, clunky, and tethered-box offerings that dominate the market as the current equivalent of acoustic modem adapters or six-pound “mobile” phones.

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Should Enterprises Voyage into the Metaverse?

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Gary Barton – Analyst, Business Network and IT Services

• Enterprises should beware the hype – the metaverse is not a decision that needs to be made this year, if ever

• However, elements of the metaverse are with us now and can offer genuine benefits – e.g., for training or collaboration

The ‘metaverse’ is manna from heaven for tech journalists (and, indeed, analysts!) as it is poorly defined, can be applied to both current technology and fantastical future ideas, and is a concept much loved by technology giants such as Microsoft and Facebook/Meta Platforms Inc. This sort of scenario is true of many new technologies, but the metaverse is a more ethereal and intangible concept than most – to the extent that even its name is meta.

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As Cloud Giants Prep DevOps Solutions, Disruptors Offer Alternatives

C. Dunlap

Summary Bullets:

  • New DevOps tools help fill out CICD pipelines, which improve efficiency and reduce costs.
  • StormForge added ML models to its observability and resource management portfolio this week.

A new breed of DevOps platform providers are receiving newfound attention among IT operations teams for their ability to improve efficiency and reduce costs associated with deploying modern application architectures into production throughout multi-cloud environments, all while ensuring continuous delivery capabilities. Continue reading “As Cloud Giants Prep DevOps Solutions, Disruptors Offer Alternatives”