Verizon’s Rapid Delivery Initiative Improves Efficiency and the Customer Experience

Cindy Whelan
Cindy Whelan

Summary Bullets:

  • Verizon has completely redesigned its service delivery model, fundamentally changing its approach and supporting technologies, as well as organization and process flows.
  • The initiative, dubbed ‘Rapid Delivery,’ has increased operational efficiency, leading to reductions in the time required for quotes, orders and contracting.  Tightened data integrity means greater accuracy throughout the sales process.

Improving the customer experience is on every carrier’s radar.  One of the charges often levied against very large carriers (and large companies in general for that matter) is that it’s often difficult to get things done.  If there is a service or billing error, resolution can become a time-consuming, frustrating effort for the customer.  Over the last several years, a number of providers have invested in initiatives to improve customer self-service tools such as portals as well as internal tools used by sales and support teams.  Revamping the customer engagement process from pre-sales through deployment and ongoing support is a daunting task for any provider, but for carriers that have grown through acquisition, consolidating multiple systems and processes acquired over many years adds another layer of complexity to an already sensitive, complicated mission.  Verizon is one of those providers that has taken on the challenge; so far, it seems to be making exceptional headway in its efforts. Continue reading “Verizon’s Rapid Delivery Initiative Improves Efficiency and the Customer Experience”