Cloud Foundry Summit: The Growing Effects of ALM on CFF

C. Dunlap

Summary Bullets:

  • CFF needs to target a broader audience of providers as part of the ALM ecosystem to address DevOps pain points.
  • OSS technologies and initiatives will play a major role in expanding ALM in the next 12 months.

As usual, multi-cloud benefits were the reigning theme around Cloud Foundry Foundation’s (CFF) primary objective. The open source multi-cloud PaaS project created by parent company VMware has made significant strides rallying a vibrant community of contributors, including IBM, Google, Red Hat, SAP and its latest, Microsoft. A particularly crucial effort spearheaded by the group over the past year called Open Service Broker API helps illustrate its importance in promoting multi-cloud capabilities to further the business agendas and opportunities among members. The certificate supports a consistent API to allow CFF members to jockey deals among cloud competitors in order to share and leverage high-value services which enterprises seek. So, for example, Red Hat can offer Amazon Lambda to its customers, while Amazon makes Red Hat OpenShift available to its customers, a recent arrangement made possible via Service Broker. Continue reading “Cloud Foundry Summit: The Growing Effects of ALM on CFF”