Cloud Wars Under the Microscope: Leaders’ DevOps Strategies and Solutions

C. Dunlap

Summary Bullets:

  • Businesses are resorting to shifts in investments in emerging high-value innovations to hasten their cloud journey.
  • We delve into how cloud rivals stack up in five key innovations: low-code/intelligent automation, developer tools/app architectures, hybrid/multi-cloud management, holistic cloud security, and edge computing.

This week, GlobalData released Part II on its analysis of the five most important innovations necessary for successful business transformations. This report specifically delves into how Microsoft, AWS, Google, and IBM stack up in key digitization technologies. Considering the pandemic’s unprecedented pressure on the global economy, prompting enterprises to accelerate and nail digitization initiatives, we determined that cloud providers’ strategies and solutions should be put under the microscope. (Please see A Cloud Wars Comparison on Critical innovations (Part II),” March 9, 2021). Continue reading “Cloud Wars Under the Microscope: Leaders’ DevOps Strategies and Solutions”