API World 2019: API Security Tops API Management Priorities

C. Dunlap

Summary Bullets:

  • A new API lifecycle management approach is founded on emerging security innovations, including AI.
  • Pure-play API security providers threaten to outshine API management leaders through best-of-breed security.

This month’s API World in San Jose conveyed one dominant theme throughout keynotes, sessions, and the show floor: API security.

Alongside the usual suspects of leading API management providers, including IBM, Axway, and Akana, were a heap of API security providers, clearly generating a large amount of buzz among attendees. I recall a number of them attending API World last year, but the dominant theme of 2018 was Istio and other service mesh technologies, critical in helping move microservices-based apps into production. Following a year’s progress in digital transformations and the rollout of new app development architectures – including microservices and serverless computing – and the realization of all those unsecured APIs at the heart of DevOps-backed projects, unsurprisingly, security was the new belle of the ball. Continue reading “API World 2019: API Security Tops API Management Priorities”

Hyperbole Management Specification 1.0

S. Schuchart

Summary Bullets:

• Charts and figures that show explosive growth are unnecessary and induce customer anxiety

• Force anyone presenting to move on to the solutions

In the IT industry we have an ugly addiction. It’s about growth, security, and complexity. Growth in data, growth in bandwidth needs, growth in number of devices. Security issues around every part of IT from edge IoT to the core of the data center. The complexity of managing all these systems, the ones put in to handle the growth and the ones to handle the myriad of security vulnerabilities from bugs to misconfigurations. The claims that “never before have we seen…” Continue reading “Hyperbole Management Specification 1.0”