Verizon Scopes Out Vivid 5G Future

K. Weldon
K. Weldon

Summary Bullets:

  • Verizon’s analyst event detailed its product and roadmap stack from connectivity to managed and virtualized services, edge solutions, and SaaS-delivered applications.
  • Surprisingly, 5G was the technology discussed the most at the event, viewed by the operator as the growth engine of the future which will revolutionize industry by enabling ‘real-time’ business processes.

There’s a 5G arms race in North America! Europe’s operators, while some of the globe’s largest telcos, just aren’t approaching next-gen mobile networks with quite the same gusto as their U.S. cousins. Just take U.S. communications giant Verizon, which has already launched fixed 5G for consumers and is going to launch mobile 5G in 2019, pitched as the engine driving the next exponential growth opportunities in the business market. Continue reading “Verizon Scopes Out Vivid 5G Future”