Have Managed Mobility Services Commoditized or Are They Just Humming Along?

Kathryn Weldon
Kathryn Weldon

Summary Bullets:

  • Having recently completed Current Analysis’ bi-annual update of the top mobile operators’ global managed mobility services, it is clear there is not a lot that is substantially new in this segment.
  • This could mean a number of things: value-added mobility services may be profitably humming along; or they are no longer highlighted, as they have been increasingly integrated with other strategic enterprise services; or – worst case – they are commoditizing and somewhat stagnant service elements.

Current Analysis recently completed its updates of the top global mobile operators’ managed mobility services (MMS) portfolios. Information for some of these reports came from recent analyst events, but ironically, few of these events actually included separate sessions on this segment. The reasons for this varied from operator to operator, but a few issues stand out. Enterprise mobility is no longer a novelty; it is a given that companies of every size and in every region are increasing their use of mobile services on smartphones and tablets for voice and data communications (both internal and external) as well as for public and intra-company information access, navigation, access to databases with the ability to transact key business processes from mobile apps while on the road for functions such as CRM, product inventory, sales enablement, etc. No one denies that the productivity gains of mobility are huge, as fewer employees are tethered to their desks and mobile devices provide capabilities way beyond the old e-mail/PIM apps of yesteryear. Continue reading “Have Managed Mobility Services Commoditized or Are They Just Humming Along?”