MWC16: IoT Battle Takes Shape as Middleware Vendors Prepare to Take on Telcos, SIs

Charlotte Dunlap - Senior Analyst, Application Platforms
Charlotte Dunlap – Senior Analyst, Application Platforms

Summary Bullets:

• Application platform vendors are working to build IoT initiatives based on integration infrastructure, app development tools, and business intelligence.

• UX has become mobile app development’s critical component for ensuring success around B2E and B2C apps.

Keenly aware that Mobile World Congress (MWC) is heavy with telco vendors, application platforms providers at last week’s event aggressively marketed their IoT and mobile initiatives to try to convince customers that their core integration technology provides the best foundational platform for expanding app development to connect to IoT devices. They are pressed to provide clarity around their IoT strategy, however, as the industry struggles to differentiate between various solution provider and service provider platforms.

IoT and user interface (UX) dominated conversations during last week’s MWC in Barcelona, with most players in the application platform market segment rolling out products and/or initiatives around these two prevailing themes. Both are key in their ability to support the digital transformation initiatives vendors have formed over the past 18 months, promising to help enterprises reach new markets according to the usability of their mobile apps and their ability to connect things.

A diverse set of vendors including IBM, Adobe, Oracle, SAP, Salesforce, and Accenture are using cloud and mobile initiatives to unite the key components of their portfolios as a way to on-ramp customers into IoT and mobile app projects built on application platforms, API gateways, backend integration, security, and design/UX programs to ensure a successful user experience.

Current Analysis provides further detail on vendor announcements (see MWC16: Application Platform Vendors Dominate Internet of Things and Mobile Messaging, March 2, 2016).

Recap of key mobile, IoT, and cloud announcements:

• IBM’s Cloud Connect, is a portable set of cloud services including API Management and integration to support IoT and mobile projects

• Accenture Connected Platforms-as-a-service quickly on-ramps IoT projects by leveraging partner platform services, open source and homegrown technologies

• Adobe’s flagship AEM mobile application development platform has been enhanced with additional UX capabilities for LoB users, based on its Creative Cloud design solutions.

• IBM adds Apple Swift language to its Bluemix PaaS supporting both front-end and backend support on one platform

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