Key Takeaways from KubeCon: Deeper Focus on FinOps, GitOps

C. Dunlap

Summary Bullets:

  • The Open Source Security Foundation (OpenSSF), a new group focused on software security supply chain problems, added $10 million in vendor funding.
  • Google Cloud recently joined the FinOps Foundation, representing the first major cloud provider to commit.

The recent KubeCon 2021 conference garnered much attention not only for its hybrid format (virtual/in-person), but also for its critical role in helping facilitate interaction between customers (primarily developer and IT operations teams) and vendors as enterprises navigate the unchartered waters of digital and business transformations.  A number of important topics and themes raised during the conference were highly relevant to DevOps teams tasked with overseeing an increasingly diverse and distributed IT portfolio. Continue reading “Key Takeaways from KubeCon: Deeper Focus on FinOps, GitOps”