An Aussie Broadband Over the Wire Merger Makes Sense, and Could Make Trouble for the Australian Telco Market

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M. Rogers

• Aussie Broadband has made a proposal to acquire Over The Wire for A$344 million, which if it goes through would make the combined company a top-five telco in the country.

• On the enterprise side there are lots of synergies, particularly with Aussie Broadband’s Carbon platform lining up with Over the Wire’s managed services capabilities.

Rapidly growing telco Aussie Broadband, made headlines last week when it made a non-binding offer to acquire business focused telco and managed service provider Over The Wire (OTW). After the leak both companies made official announcements to the ASX that an offer had been made to the tune of A$5.75 per share (equivalent to A$344 million). While both companies have clearly stated this does not mean a deal is imminent, and the official due diligence period will not come to an end until November 30th, the move makes a lot of sense and could create a real national level competitor in the enterprise telecoms and ICT services market, from the two upstarts.

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Digitalizing the Customer Journey

G. Barton
G. Barton

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  • Businesses need to adapt their customer contact models to a world where remote is the default.
  • AI-powered digital technologies can play a powerful role in improving the customer journey – both independently and in tandem with human agents.

At AT&T’s 2021 Business Summit, GlobalData supported the American telecoms giant in exploring one of the key themes of the event: reimagining the customer journey in a post-COVID, cloud-enabled world.  This is a critical challenge for most businesses as the impact of COVID has fundamentally changed the relationship between customers and businesses, as well as the way the two communicate. Continue reading “Digitalizing the Customer Journey”