IBM Reveals the Name of Its Soon-to-Be Independent Legacy IT Services Company

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Amy Larsen DeCarlo – Principal Analyst, Security and Data Center Services

• IBM announced Kyndryl as the name of the legacy IT services business unit it will spin off later this year

• Reaction was swift and mocking as industry watchers collectively wondered what a brand master like IBM was thinking with the Kyndryl name.

When IBM disclosed plans in 2020 to shed its legacy IT services business at some point in 2021, the company emphasized that the move would allow it to concentrate on higher profit margin services. Industry watchers touted this as a way for IBM to become more of a pure-play cloud provider untethered from the challenge of managing a behemoth. Words like “dynamic”, “agile”, and “innovative” were bandied about but only minimal attention was directed toward what would become of the spin-off known as NewCo at the time.

That changed this week with the announcement of the future spin-off’s new moniker: Kyndryl. Critics reacted with skepticism almost instantly to the questionable name. Coming from a company as seasoned in branding as IBM, the rather odd name raised eyebrows and elicited questions. What is a Kyndryl? Kyndryl rhymes with Kindle? Why does Kyndryl sound more like a Kardashian than a company?

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Capgemini Opens 5G Lab in Paris, Detailing Strategy to Energize Customers to Develop Innovative Use Cases

K. Weldon
K. Weldon

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  • Capgemini held an analyst event at its new 5G Lab in Paris on March 30, which detailed its strategy to generate excitement about 5G and drive usage among both existing and potential business customers.
  • The lab will not only demo use cases that showcase the capabilities of 5G to drive transformation, but will also help businesses develop and test PoCs and deploy new use cases at scale, while navigating the complexity of the ecosystem for connectivity, edge, cloud, and other enablers.

Capgemini’s new 5G Lab is a sister facility to one in Mumbai, India; the company also has a facility in Portugal that helps telecom providers develop 5G network solutions.  The company is clearly excited about the potential of 5G to energize digital transformation, ignite innovative use cases, and of course, drive business.  As a leading systems integrator and provider of solutions that enable intelligent industry solutions, Capgemini sees 5G as an important and potentially disruptive enabler that can help redefine how the world will be connected and lead to new revenue-generating business models.  It points out that 5G is the first wireless network developed with the enterprise in mind due to its high availability, capacity, and speeds; its low latency (especially when coupled with edge solutions); its support for massive IoT; and its enablement of mission-critical applications. Continue reading “Capgemini Opens 5G Lab in Paris, Detailing Strategy to Energize Customers to Develop Innovative Use Cases”