Red Hat Summit 2021: Red Hat Applies Integration Expertise to Operational Digitization Complexities

C. Dunlap

Summary Bullets:

• Red Hat takes its managed services offering to the next level by operationalizing the complex digitization process, showcasing OpenShift’s expertise in integration and API management

• Red Hat OpenShift includes deeper integrations with key services including container security, insights and observability, and a consolidated automation platform which now includes Ansible

The Red Hat Summit conference illustrated how an integration company helps customers’ tackle the challenges behind operational digitization of app modernization. Specifically, through a consolidated platform that includes best-of-breed API management and mature streaming technology for connecting real-time data between apps and backend systems.

Complex operational requirements are a major deterrent in business transformations. IT buyers must overcome the challenge of assembling solutions that combine and orchestrate both the business software and the infrastructure on which that software runs. Although providers of switching, server, storage, virtualization, and cloud software technology have begun rolling out new solutions supporting better operational provisioning, no single vendor is yet capable of managing the entire lifecycle of this amalgamation. Continue reading “Red Hat Summit 2021: Red Hat Applies Integration Expertise to Operational Digitization Complexities”