Enterprises Require Tools That Explain AI Findings

R. Bhattacharyya

Summary Bullets:

  • Only slightly more than half of the respondents to GlobalData’s recent survey on emerging technologies felt that they fully understood artificial intelligence.
  • Before decision-makers act on the insights revealed by artificial intelligence, they need to have confidence in its findings, which requires an understanding of how they are obtained.

There is a widely accepted belief that artificial intelligence (AI) holds the potential to significantly alter the way organizations operate, vastly improving business outcomes. Businesses conceptually grasp that the technology’s benefits range from increasing efficiency and productivity to enhancing the customer experience. Yet, AI is still often viewed as a mysterious black box that yields little insight into how its findings are obtained. Without understanding what is happening under the covers, line-of-business leaders can be reluctant to act on the findings. Continue reading “Enterprises Require Tools That Explain AI Findings”