Should Network Underlay Still Matter to Enterprises?

G. Barton
G. Barton

Summary Bullets:

  • Network underlay matters less than it used to, but should not be ignored by enterprises.
  • Overlay network technologies offer many benefits, but cannot cure all potential network problems.

SD-WAN has seen significant adoption in the enterprise network services market in very little time. The reason is that it allows enterprises to unify previously disparate networks while also delivering increased network management and control, security, and application performance benefits – even over internet connections. One of the ways this is accomplished is by deploying overlay networking technology which combines software control systems and network tunneling techniques that are agnostic of the physical infrastructure over which the data is carried. The reality is that these finer details matter a lot less to enterprises than factors such as reliability, performance, and service/application availability – and rightly so. Continue reading “Should Network Underlay Still Matter to Enterprises?”