COVID-19 Isn’t Over and It’s Still Tactical Time

S. Schuchart

Summary Bullets:            

  • COVID-19 is not over, despite promising news of vaccines.
  • Tactical thinking is the way through for vendors and customers in 2021.

There are a number of very promising COVID-19 vaccines in the works, and that’s good news for everyone.  But this good news isn’t a signal that suddenly all is well.  COVID-19 is still a reality, and the logistics of manufacturing and distributing enough vaccine for everyone is decidedly non-trivial.  The temptation is to point to an event or date and say that things will just return to normal on that day.  There is also a mistaken impression that once the majority of people are vaccinated, the world will snap back – figuratively – to January 2020 with the same expectations, plans, and motivations.  The announcements of promising vaccines, the turning of the year, the swearing in of a new American president, a January Brexit, none of these things are oft-wished-for, decisive breakpoints, just more challenges.  The reality is that the COVID-19 pandemic has changed everyone’s course, and there is no going back.  Instead, we need to deal with the reality of the world in front of us, changed greatly by the pandemic. Continue reading “COVID-19 Isn’t Over and It’s Still Tactical Time”