TM ONE Leverages Its ICT Capabilities to Convert Post-Pandemic Challenges into Business Opportunities

A. Amir

• TM ONE is a step ahead of competitors with the launch of ONE PASS to address COVID-19-specific business challenges.

• While the adoption is low, the outlook is expected to be positive. Digital health screening and visitor management solutions are expected to be a common service for enterprises post COVID-19.

As lockdown (a.k.a. Movement Control Order in Malaysia) eases off, businesses start to reopen and operate as before, but with stricter guidelines such as social distancing, regular sterilization, temperature screening, and personal data collection. This is expected to be the new normal post COVID-19 at least until the end of the year. It has defined a new set of business requirements, particularly in customer engagement and data collection, mainly for B2C enterprises that deal directly with end-users.

TM ONE PASS Addressing New COVID-19 Business Challenge

As a leading digital transformation partner in the country, TM ONE leverages its wide solution capabilities (e.g., cloud, analytics, and IoT) and research and development (R&D) arm to develop a digital health screening solution to address one of the new business challenges in the post-COVID-19 era. The provider launched ‘ONE PASS’, an intelligent screening solution that detects body temperature of individuals in a crowd. The AI-driven solution can scan 100 people per minute and handles up to 25,000 user profiles. It also offers a library of APIs to enable integration with enterprises’ existing systems. This solution enables enterprises not only to enhance their customer experience (e.g., by reducing the waiting time before entering a premises), but also increasing workplace safety through regular sceening of employees.

A step ahead

TM ONE is again a step ahead in the competition with its initiatives to develop and offer COVID-19 specific solution, apart from cloud, network, and other ICT services. The provider has demonstrated that it can move quickly integrating new technologies such as AI and video analytics to help simplify business processes. The provider has already announced several deployments of its ONE PASS solution including with Gamuda Land (a property developer). While the government has outlined strict rules for construction companies to restart their operations, TM ONE PASS helps the developer to accelerate its work resumption as well and minimize the risk of spreading the virus at construction sites. The provider is also collaborating with the Ministry of Education to deploy its solution at select schools in preparation for semester resumption.


Malaysia is in the early phase of post COVID-19 recovery. Most businesses today still use a manual way of screening customers’ temperature and collecting data, at the expense of long waiting time and security breach of personal information. While the adoption of smart health screening services such as TM ONE PASS is still low, the outlook for such solution is positive since the COVID-19 situation is expected to linger on. Businesses will eventually realize the importance of these solutions to enhance customer experience and workplace safety as well as gain competitive advantage in the market. For TM ONE, it is important for the provider to leverage its professional services to co-develop business cases with customers and map the solutions to business outcomes. TM ONE could also position the solution as part of its efforts to help customers drive workplace transformation.

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