Digital Transformation Requires a More Local and Collaborative IT Services Partner

R. Bhattacharyya

Summary Bullets:

• 2019 will bring renewed efforts by IT services providers (ITSPs) to shore up their local presence, particularly international players that have traditionally serviced their client base via an off-shore or near-shore model.

• To remain competitive, ITSPs must change the nature of their client interactions, which will require deeper relationships to implement transformative solutions.

Most of the large, global IT services companies generate a substantial portion of their revenue from the U.S. market. In the past, U.S. clients were often served in large part by international teams based overseas or by teams brought in from other countries to support specific tasks or projects. However, the changing political climate in the U.S., and its potential to impact the issuance of H-1 visas, as well as the evolving nature of client engagements, has caused many organizations to reevaluate their localization strategies. As a result, several large players are growing their U.S.-based teams and hiring local employees. It’s a strategy that has extended beyond that U.S. and has been applied to other countries as well.
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