SigFox Keeps on Truckin’

Kathryn Weldon – Research Director, Business Network and IT Services – Americas

Summary Bullets:

• Sigfox, while one of the first LPWAN providers, has been hampered by business and organizational problems, and faces significant competition from LoRa, LTE-M, and NB-IoT alternatives.

• At its annual Connect event the service provider hoped to turn the tide with good news about coverage and traction and a spate of service and network-related announcements.

At its Connect event in Berlin on October 25th, Sigfox sought to displace the growing concern that it is running last in the global race to provide LPWANs, in the face of standardized licensed spectrum alternatives NB-IoT and LTE-M, as well as networks based on competitive LoRaWAN technology, all of which have been gaining ground. The following public announcements from the event show a range of focus areas for the service provider, notably highly accurate, global location-based services for asset tracking, along with technologies that enhance its network performance and ease of deployment benefits.

Public Announcements

New Micro Base Station. The Access Station Micro provides an adaptable and easy-to-install solution to significantly enhance Sigfox IoT service coverage to billions of devices. A single gateway could cover large rural areas, hundreds of square kilometers without effort. Its extremely low energy consumption enables remote IoT applications where no power source is available with a single small solar panel and a low bandwidth satellite backhaul.
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