MWC Americas 2017: Application Platform Providers Represent a Pivotal Link in the IoT Platform Ecosystem

C. Dunlap

Summary Bullets:

• Application platform vendors are aiming to provide core integration and messaging platforms to partners’ IoT solutions targeting LoB.

• MADP and PaaS providers are enhancing mobile platforms with management and orchestration technology to manage apps across omni-channels, including IoT.

Numerous IoT platforms were on display this week during Mobile World Congress, Americas 2017 in San Francisco. At the heart of the solutions being offered by various telcos, networking, and other infrastructure leaders was a common foundational technology in the form of middleware or platform services, typically offered via cloud partnerships. That’s because IoT solutions are enabling applications through technology that gathers data, manipulates data, and applying rules around the data–technology founded in mature middleware solutions, including:

• High-performance messaging technology for real-time integration and connectivity around IoT apps (e.g., Red Hat JBoss AMQ);

• Lightweight, flexible integration technology, including modular integration capabilities, extending across the hybrid cloud (e.g., IBM WebSphere Liberty, JBoss Fuse); and

• Business rules management systems (BRMS) to support business processes, complex event processing, and decision management (e.g., Oracle SOA Suite).

AT&T was a notable example of such a laudable middleware-telco partnership, teaming with Microsoft Azure to announce its newest version of its IoT Platform Services aimed at developers and SIs (called Flow and M2X). The most recent version of AT&T Asset Management – Operations Center (AMOC), builds on that platform to provide line-of-business users with a plug-and-play asset management solution that runs in an Azure-based containerized format. It leverages Azure PaaS services, including Microsoft Power BI, Cosmos DB, and Mobile Services.

In addition to IoT platforms, other notable themes during MWC 2017 in the application platforms market segment included:

• New support for marketing and customer support initiatives. It’s a new role for mobile app development platform vendors – including Salesforce, Adobe, and Oracle – but they have been readying these new initiatives by leveraging evolving mobile app platforms, including analytics services.

• A preview of advanced mobile technologies. In the works among leading MADP vendors, including Adobe, are management and orchestration solutions that leverage AI and ML to manage apps across websites, email, mobile devices, for delivering a personalized experience anywhere. These will heavily leverage chatbot agents to answer sales/support questions via any interface.

For a broader recap of the MWC conference presented by GlobalData analysts, please attend the Sept. 19 webinar, ‘Mobile World Congress Americas: Worth the Time and Effort?’

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