VMware VMworld 2017: Infrastructure Leader Poses New Threat to PaaS Providers

C. Dunlap

Summary Bullets:

  • VMware leverages its infrastructure strengths in taking on containerized services.
  • VMware neglected to outline a roadmap for DevOps technologies: microservices, serverless computing, and APM.

VMware significantly stepped up the competitive threat it poses to the application platforms market segment, announcing its first commercial offering alongside sister company Pivotal, as well as technology partner Google, via a container services collaboration, Pivotal Container Service (PKS). The emphasis is on easing configuration requirements that have delayed adoption around containerization, which ensures the continuous delivery of services and apps, while addressing IT operational concerns involving the modernization, management, and portability of legacy and new apps between multiple clouds. PKS, available year-end, supports Kubernetes container technology on vSphere and Google Cloud Platform (for more, see VMware VMworld 2017: VMware Container Collaboration Addresses Configuration Pain Point, August 30, 2017). Continue reading “VMware VMworld 2017: Infrastructure Leader Poses New Threat to PaaS Providers”