Dazed and Confused by IoT Platforms? Help Is on the Horizon, but Buyer Beware

I. Grant

Summary Bullets:

  • The IoT M2M Council aims to provide model RFPs and a guide to potential IoT platform vendors.
  • ‘Paying to play’ raises questions over the true value of ‘independent’ platform reports.

Anyone who has to choose a software platform for their company’s grand IoT project should be relieved to know that help is nearly at hand. The London-based IoT M2M Council (IMC) is crowdsourcing from among its members a suite of ‘open source’ RFPs for companies that have to select IoT software platforms. It will also report on how different platforms stack up against the criteria in the model RFPs. IoT buyers will be able to use the RFPs as a template for procurement and the reports to short-list potential suppliers. Read more of this post