Redefining the Law of Data Gravity, One Cloud at a Time

B. Shimmin
B. Shimmin

Summary Bullets:

• The seemingly immutable law of data gravity, which has kept most large-scale data stores tucked safely away behind the corporate firewalls, is no more.

• Cloud platform providers of all shapes and sizes are actively redefining such laws, showing that even the largest data warehouse can live happily in the clouds.

While attending the aptly named Domopalooza conference in Salt Lake City earlier this month, what struck me the most wasn’t the number of concerts, ski parties, parties and after party parties put on by the host, cloud-borne BI vendor Domo. Oh, that sort of thing is quite normal for the unconventional vendor from American Fork, Utah. I was instead dumbstruck to learn of the vendor’s seemingly crazy, all you can eat cloud business model. That’s right. Domo doesn’t care how much data you dump into its proprietary data warehouse or how many calculations, transformations, joins, etc. you perform upon said data. There’s just one price to pay, and that’s a simple, per user fee.
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