Cloud Trends in 2015 Include Single-Source Cloud Stack Offerings

Charlotte Dunlap
Charlotte Dunlap

Summary Bullets:

  • With enterprises consuming an increasing proportion of their IT resources through the cloud, the ability of a provider to offer multiple elements of the cloud stack is an immediate differentiator.
  • Top IaaS and PaaS providers are expanding outside of their comfort zones to deliver more complex, multilayered solutions that meet multiple needs within a customer organization.

The need to access next-generation data management, analytics, high-performance and scalable infrastructure, and application development and deployment technologies from a single source is driving interest in providers that can deliver the complete cloud stack. The IT department’s need to centralize management and security of new and traditional applications migrating to the cloud is prompting a keen interest in having access to both the IaaS and PaaS components of the cloud stack. Continue reading “Cloud Trends in 2015 Include Single-Source Cloud Stack Offerings”