Warning, Smart Data Discovery Tools Could Make You (Look) Dumb

Brad Shimmin
Brad Shimmin

Summary Bullets:

• The current crop of data discovery and visualization tools is getting smarter, requiring less analytical expertise to shepherd the business user quickly from question to insight.

• However, without some tutelage and guidance, advancements such as guided discovery and recommended visualizations could ultimately lead to less informed business decisions.

Earlier this month, TIBCO updated cloud-borne business intelligence (BI) software, adding Recommendations to TIBCO Spotfire Cloud. The goal is to make it easier and faster for a broader swath of users to dive for valuable business insights within the dark waters of big data. With the addition of a built-in analytics intelligence wizard (TIBCO’s words), Spotfire Cloud with Recommendations will now automatically suggest visualizations based upon the data selected for analysis. That’s a good thing, right? Continue reading “Warning, Smart Data Discovery Tools Could Make You (Look) Dumb”