End-of-Year Insights on Enterprise Mobility

Kathryn Weldon
Kathryn Weldon

Summary Bullets:

  • Services for enterprise mobility did not change greatly in scope in 2014, but operators and service providers are seeing some new trends in customer requirements and buying habits; many are adjusting their portfolios or positioning.
  • A number of different issues rose to the top of the list as trends in 2014: the slow consolidation of enterprise mobility and M2M ecosystems, new positioning for enterprise mobility in SP portfolios, new definitions of EMM, MEAP evolution, and new patterns in buying habits.

Slow Consolidation of M2M/IoT and Enterprise Mobility Ecosystems: While the companies providing service delivery, application enablement, security, and device management for M2M deployments remain distinct from those providing EMM, there are beginning to be some common elements. Some carriers even talk about managing connected devices under the same pane of glass as smartphones and tablets, and enterprise equipment vendors and EMM platform developers that play in enterprise mobility are expanding their product scope to encompass M2M and IoT. Continue reading “End-of-Year Insights on Enterprise Mobility”