Building a Local Smarter State in the UK, Post-Pandemic

Robert Stoneman, Principal Analyst for local government at GlobalData, analyzes the key messages from the second day of techUK’s “Building the Smarter State” conference.

Day two of techUK’s flagship conference for 2020 took on a decidedly local theme compared to the day before, with the response of local public sector organizations firmly in the spotlight. With close to 130 attendees, and despite moving online in the current circumstances, the conference continued to be an industry-leading forum with a range of high-caliber speakers detailing the latest developments in public service ICT.

Kris Burtwistle, Head of UK Local Government at sponsors AWS, kicked day two off by summarizing some of their work with local authorities and introducing many of the key themes of the day. This included highlighting the rapidity with which councils embraced home working during lockdown, citing how the London Borough of Waltham Forest moved many its contact center staff to home working in just a matter of days. Continue reading “Building a Local Smarter State in the UK, Post-Pandemic”

HPE Completes Acquisition of Silver Peak

S. Schuchart

Summary Bullets:

• The acquisition of Silver Peak by HPE is complete and will be beneficial overall, creating a complete offering with SD-Branch

• The SD-WAN market is still hot and a new wave of consolidation is on the horizon.

In July 2020, HPE announced its intent to acquire one of the leading SD-WAN vendors, Silver Peak. Silver Peak has been fighting it out with big competitors and doing very well for itself. Along with Versa, Cisco, and VMware, Silver Peak are considered to be among the top contenders in the marketplace today. HPE and its Aruba networking division have generally been considered the number two competitor in the campus and branch networking markets, but the Aruba proposition has not been able to get recognition or traction in the SD-WAN market. HPE was a very early adopter of the SD-Branch concept, but unfortunately was too early for a market starry-eyed with SD-WAN enthusiasm. Continue reading “HPE Completes Acquisition of Silver Peak”

Mayflower Voyage Opens Up a New World of Opportunity for Edge Computing and AI

C. Drake

Summary Bullets:

  • The transatlantic voyage of the Mayflower robotic ship will be an important testbed for the use of edge computing and artificial intelligence at sea.
  • Potential use cases for commercial autonomous ships include marine research, ocean clean-up, remote marine pilotage, and defense.

On September 16, the UK’s first robotic ship, named the Mayflower Autonomous Ship, will embark on a transatlantic voyage from Plymouth, England to Plymouth, Massachusetts, retracing the route of the original Mayflower on the 400th anniversary of its crossing. The transatlantic voyage of the Mayflower Autonomous Ship will be an important testbed for emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and edge computing, and is widely expected to pave the way both for the development of commercial autonomous ships and for the advancement of use cases ranging from marine research and defense to remote marine pilotage and ocean cleanup. Continue reading “Mayflower Voyage Opens Up a New World of Opportunity for Edge Computing and AI”

Altran’s Latest Platform Enhancements Acknowledge the Central Role of App Developers in Driving Emerging Edge IT Opportunities

C. Drake

Summary Bullets:

  • Altran of the Capgemini Group has enhanced its Ensconce-branded edge computing platform with Intel software, in a move that specifically targets the needs of application developers.
  • Altran is one of several companies now targeting the edge computing requirements of app developers, a trend that will necessitate vendors to differentiate around features, functionality, and flexibility.

As a growing number of companies target emerging opportunities associated with edge computing, some have begun to differentiate their edge IT offerings with solutions that address the specific needs of application developers. In doing so, they are acknowledging the central role developers will play in driving new market growth opportunities, especially those based on new, high-performance, low-latency applications and digital services. Continue reading “Altran’s Latest Platform Enhancements Acknowledge the Central Role of App Developers in Driving Emerging Edge IT Opportunities”

Technological Debt Kills Flexibility

S. Schuchart

Summary Bullets:

• Systems that have incurred excessive technological debt are brittle, especially when confronted with change.

• Long delays in updates have down the road costs that should not be underplayed.

The concept of technological debt is one that was originally for software development. But the reality is that technological debt can be had across a functional system as a whole. Old servers, old storage, old networking, old security, all of it can incur technological debt. Technological debt is a hard subject, with some dismissing the idea out of hand or downplaying the difficulties caused by excessive amounts of technological debt.

There is a good example of recent real-world technological debt causing and continuing to cause significant problems. In the United States, Congress authorized additional money, $600, to be added to unemployment checks at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. States each run their own unemployment benefit systems, the U.S. federal government supplied the money to the states, and the states used their existing unemployment benefit systems to distribute it. Or at least that is what was supposed to happen. Continue reading “Technological Debt Kills Flexibility”

Can Converge ICT Break PLDT and Globe’s Duopoly in the Philippines?

A. Amir

Summary Bullets:

• Converge ICT is rapidly expanding its business and upgrading its infrastructure.

• While it is breaking PLDT and Globe’s dominance in the mass market, Converge ICT is still several steps behind in the enterprise segment.

The Philippines Managed Services Market
Like other emerging ASEAN countries, the Philippines managed ICT service market has been growing rapidly in the last few years driven by digital transformation initiatives by enterprises across different industries. The adoption of newer technologies such as cloud and SDN/NFV is increasing and has recently been accelerated by new demands such as remote working during the COVID-19 crisis. While the market is largely dominated by the two big carriers: PLDT and Globe; there are several other players such as Converge ICT, Radius Telecoms, Eastern Communications, and NOW Corporation with a small piece of the market share pie respectively. Continue reading “Can Converge ICT Break PLDT and Globe’s Duopoly in the Philippines?”

Cloud-Network Convergence: Double-Edged Sword for Carriers, but an Opportunity Emerges in the Edge

M. Rogers

Summary Bullets:

  • Hyperscale cloud providers continue to invest in expansion of networking solutions and network adjacent partnerships with SD-WAN vendors and data center providers.
  • As hyperscale networking solutions become more advanced and the cloud edge moves closer to end users, some carriers may be crowded out of the cloud-network convergence market.

Hyperscale cloud providers and global network carriers have been building stronger relationships and deeper integrations around WAN and networking solutions. The partnerships are a natural fit as more enterprises move business-critical workloads to cloud platforms. These workloads require high-bandwidth, high-throughput, low-latency, secure, and reliable connections from virtually any location these days to connect to the major cloud platforms. Continue reading “Cloud-Network Convergence: Double-Edged Sword for Carriers, but an Opportunity Emerges in the Edge”

IT’s Advisory Role is More Than Just About Technology

S. Schuchart

Summary Bullets:

• Public awareness of data privacy and data mining is increasing which will lead to greater regulation.

• IT needs to be the trusted advisor on these topics to help with business planning.

The recent hearing with four of the biggest tech companies (Apple, Google, Amazon, and Facebook) on Capitol Hill was regarding the power these four firms have across the spectrum and the possibility of anti-monopoly action against them. The undercurrent that runs through the public is the sheer amount of personal data these four companies have on their users and how they use that data. The average citizen isn’t worried about the possibility of Amazon co-opting their products and making their own, or Apple possibly squeezing them out of their app store. Continue reading “IT’s Advisory Role is More Than Just About Technology”

COVID 19: GlobalData Survey Reveals Minority to Cut Cloud and App Dev Spending

Charlotte Dunlap – Principal Analyst, Application Platforms

Summary Bullets:

• Only 30% of survey respondents will cut cloud budgets

• Within app modernization projects, the vast majority will prioritize app development/management

While less than half of global enterprises surveyed by GlobalData indicated plans to cut cloud and application development IT spending budgets, ops teams will seek more consolidation and automation to achieve a DevOps model.

In the area of application platforms, a recent GlobalData survey revealed that only 30% of respondents indicated plans to cut IT spending in cloud computing. In the area of application development, respondents reported that application development and management was the priority by a large margin compared to more traditional app infrastructure and DevOps areas including: application lifecycle management (ALM); application platforms (PaaS); business process management (BPM); ICT services management; and app performance monitoring (APM). The survey included over 4,000 IT buyers across the world to better understand how COVID-19 is expected to impact technology purchases. Continue reading “COVID 19: GlobalData Survey Reveals Minority to Cut Cloud and App Dev Spending”

AWS Outposts Availability in New Countries Strengthens AWS’ Presence and Drives Edge Computing in ASEAN

A. Amir

Summary Bullets:

  • AWS Outposts availability in ASEAN countries strengthens AWS’ presence in the region and enables it to capture the high-growth cloud opportunities there.
  • AWS Outposts and Wavelength will drive edge computing through stronger collaborations with partners, especially the telcos.

Launched late last year in select markets, AWS Outposts takes hybrid cloud to the next level by enabling enterprises to run AWS compute storage, database, and other services within their own premises or preferred third-party data centers. For more, please see AWS re:Invent 2019: AWS Announces General Availability of Outposts, but Must Demonstrate Management Competence (December 5, 2019). Recently, the provider added nine new countries, including emerging markets such as Malaysia and Thailand, making Outposts available to 50 markets through 22 regions to date. While competitors have their own approach (e.g., Azure Stack, Google Anthos, Alibaba Apsara Stack), AWS is a step ahead in its service availability globally and partner ecosystem. Continue reading “AWS Outposts Availability in New Countries Strengthens AWS’ Presence and Drives Edge Computing in ASEAN”