Virtual Care via BlueJeans Telehealth from Verizon Business Echoes In-Person Appointments

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G. Willsky

Summary Bullets:

  • The new BlueJeans Telehealth solution narrows the gap in quality between the traditional connected health model and an in-office visit.
  • Verizon Business could leverage the technological expertise amassed in building BlueJeans Telehealth towards similar solutions for additional verticals.

The practice of administering medical care in a virtual setting has become routine. Nevertheless, remote engagement between patients and medical professionals still lags in quality to an in-office visit.  The new BlueJeans Telehealth solution by Verizon Business narrows this gap by augmenting the traditional connected health model.  While BlueJeans Telehealth positions Verizon Business well in the healthcare vertical, the competition is not sitting still and thus success is by no means assured.

The use of remote technology (such as video conferencing) in healthcare settings was in place long before COVID-19. With much of the public sheltering in place and an abundance of medical resources diverted towards the coronavirus, the pandemic strengthened this trend.  Bottom line, healthcare is one vertical where remote engagement is poised to enjoy sustained popularity.

Against this backdrop comes the recent introduction of BlueJeans Telehealth. Verizon Business designed the solution with extensive input from members of the medical community and healthcare institutions via in-depth interviews and surveys.  The result is a solution that takes connected health to a deeper level than traditional virtual office visits.

Users are guided through each stage of the appointment process. Patients ‘check in’ on a branded landing page by entering their chief complaint, symptoms, and reason for visit.  Next, in the ‘waiting room,’ a library of optional patient education materials is provided.  During the appointment, if needed, medical interpreter services spanning 200+ languages (including sign language) are available.  Once the appointment has concluded, transcripts and recordings are available.  Throughout the appointment process, security and HIPPA-ready privacy are inherent in the solution.

It is interesting to note how the BlueJeans Telehealth experience happens to dovetail with the work-from-anywhere (WFX) phenomenon that is emerging as the COVID-19 pandemic begins to draw to a close. The overarching objective of WFX is to make in-office and remote employees feel as if they are physically working together.  By engaging patients and healthcare providers through each stage of an in-office visit (check-in, waiting room, appointment, and post-appointment), virtual visits feel more intimate and less electronic.

Although BlueJeans Telehealth is robust, Verizon Business has created a pipeline of enhancements. This is a prudent move because competitors aren’t sitting still. For example, Microsoft continues reinforcing its Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare offer which debuted last year.  It provides virtual health appointments, patient monitoring, and care coordination.

Although fortifying BlueJeans Telehealth will help fend off rivals, Verizon Business would be wise to introduce similar applications in additional verticals. Financial services would be an ideal starting point (legal services and real estate are also promising candidates). Interaction between financial advisors and clients mirrors that between physician and patient.  The hallmarks of both include intensive, pre-consultation information gathering, in-depth appointment dialogue, and post-appointment recommendations and follow-up meetings.  Surely, in building BlueJeans Telehealth, Verizon Business has accumulated a critical mass of technological expertise that could make a financial services solution a reality.  From there, other verticals could fall into place, with Verizon Business eventually offering a line of purpose-built, vertically driven solutions sporting the BlueJeans brand.

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