KubeCon 2019: Kubernetes Solidifies DevOps Strategy Among OpenStack Rivals

C. Dunlap

Summary Bullets:

  • The KubeCon conference doubled in size to 12,000, inviting more traditional infrastructure vendors.
  • Conference highlights included improved service mesh connectivity, improved developer tools and visibility via ops consoles, and enhanced application lifecycle management (ALM) via security, logging, and application monitoring.

Last month’s KubeCon conference attracted software and cloud computing giants as well as a newer set of infrastructure participants including Cisco, HPE, VMware, and Juniper, which are recognizing new opportunities associated with Kubernetes. For its role in providing container orchestration to app development and deployment processes across hybrid and multi-cloud environments, Kubernetes is at the forefront of application modernization directives. Continue reading “KubeCon 2019: Kubernetes Solidifies DevOps Strategy Among OpenStack Rivals”