Edge Computing’s New Ecosystem Will Mature, Expand, and Diversify in 2020

C. Drake

Summary Bullets:

  • Edge computing solutions will become more diverse and sophisticated in 2020, giving enterprise buyers greater choice but also complicating procurement decisions.
  • Hyperscale clouds will deepen their engagement with emerging edge computing ecosystems in 2020, expanding relationships with existing partners and forging new ones.

Edge computing commanded increased attention in 2019, amid growing recognition that IT architectures need to evolve in order to support new low-latency, data-rich digital services and applications. Edge computing involves the use of computer processing, data storage, and analytics capabilities close to the places where data is collected and where digital content and applications are consumed. Benefits include the higher performance that can be achieved when powering applications closer to points of consumption. They also include being able to make faster decisions about data collected from Internet-connected sensors on factory floors and transportation networks and in retail outlets and other locations. Continue reading “Edge Computing’s New Ecosystem Will Mature, Expand, and Diversify in 2020”