IBM Consolidates Cloud Platforms to Strengthen Strategies in Hybrid/Multi-Cloud and Blockchain

C. Dunlap

Summary Bullets:

  • IBM Cloud Integration Platform represents more integration capabilities (MQ, Event Streams, API Connect, App Connect) and a public cloud presence.
  • Continued innovation in integration is critical for IBM’s broader cloud strategy founded on IBM Cloud Private (ICP), which now serves as its multi-cloud management offering.
  • IBM released a free beta version of its blockchain platform, componentized to work with Kubernetes containers and operate in hybrid and multi-cloud environments and emphasizing a network-agnostic approach.

At the core of IBM’s cloud strategy is ICP, released a year ago to manage Docker and Kubernetes containers. This year, during last week’s Think conference, the platform’s role graduated to that of multi-cloud management, enabled through best-in-class IBM Cloud Integration Platform and the new IBM Cloud App Platform (WebSphere Liberty solutions which we expect will eventually merge with Red Hat JBoss app platforms). For the past 18 months, GlobalData has noted the importance of dominating the private/hybrid cloud space in order to gain a foothold in the broader multi-cloud ecosystem and carry more influence in modern app development technologies and models. Continue reading “IBM Consolidates Cloud Platforms to Strengthen Strategies in Hybrid/Multi-Cloud and Blockchain”