Enterprises’ Most Advanced UX Is Enabled in 2019 via New Microservices Innovations

C. Dunlap

Summary Bullets:

  • New PaaS offerings from IBM, Red Hat, and Pivotal will include reactive programming in coming months.
  • Reactive microservices will play a key role in furthering migration from monolithic to microservices in 2019.

Open source software bodies have turned up the heat on important microservices technologies, grabbing the attention of startups in recent years and larger cloud service providers more recently. IBM, Red Hat, and Pivotal are readying reactive microservices technologies for the coming months, innovations which add real-time streaming and machine learning to cloud-based applications and support a critical component for enterprises migrating from monolithic to microservices-based apps. Continue reading “Enterprises’ Most Advanced UX Is Enabled in 2019 via New Microservices Innovations”