DockerCon 2017: Major PaaS Announcements Address Microservices, Production Deployments

C. Dunlap
C. Dunlap

Summary Bullets:

  • Microservice frameworks are evolving to better address containerization complexities.
  • Containerization is at the foundation of comprehensive clouds, enabling microservices.

Attendees of DockerCon’s third-annual conference this week in Austin noted that, this time around, it felt like a real technology conference, despite the fact that the opening ceremony began by volleying a big blue whale among the keynote audience. Real or not, DockerCon’s participant list included all the major application platform leaders, including IBM, Oracle, VMware, Red Hat and others (not to mention several OpenStack infrastructure vendors). Continue reading “DockerCon 2017: Major PaaS Announcements Address Microservices, Production Deployments”