VMworld 2015: You Say Potato, I Say PaaS

Charlotte Dunlap
Charlotte Dunlap

Summary Bullets:

  • When is a platform service not a PaaS? When it’s an IaaS, apparently.
  • Which is more important to a PaaS – middleware or virtualization?

When is a platform service not a PaaS? When it’s an IaaS.

Sure, acronyms are confusing and changeable, and I still struggle between MEAP and MADP. But, I always figured a PaaS is a PaaS and an IaaS is an IaaS. Pretty straight-forward, right? Well, not really during my sessions this week while attending VMware VMworld 2015, where I noticed the acronym PaaS (platform as a service) was glaringly absent from executive keynotes and presentations, especially when discussing VMware’s flagship ‘PaaS’ offering, vCloud Air. Some execs went so far as to suggest to the analyst group that we don’t even need the use of the term PaaS anymore. Easy to say if you’re an infrastructure vendor, but I know a few middleware providers that may beg to differ. Furthermore, it’s funny how a vendor that doesn’t cater to developers can so easily wave off a term pertaining to platform services. Developers are all about platforms; it’s their livelihood. So, be careful in your efforts to diminish the notion if you’re trying to get them onboard with your evolving cloud offering. Continue reading “VMworld 2015: You Say Potato, I Say PaaS”