It Takes More Than Technology to Knock Down a Silo

Steven Hill
Steven Hill

Summary Bullets:

  • The IT industry needs to acknowledge that institutional silos are a human construct rather than specifically a technology problem and realize that technology isn’t always the solution for purely human-based challenges.
  • To actually banish silos, a company needs to evolve its management philosophy and change its corporate culture from adversarial to cooperative, so that managers are no longer forced into wasteful turf wars over budgets and resources.

Many vendors are still using the ‘break down the IT silos’ message to sell their convergence message. Silos are not a new idea – I first learned of them over 20 years ago – and I believe they are not necessarily a byproduct of technology. Silos develop in every corporate environment through a combination of groups that are tasked with substantially different missions and driven by the competitive forces of budgeting, corporate power, bragging rights and other territorial pressures. It is a very human condition, and as such not a problem likely to be solved by technology. Continue reading “It Takes More Than Technology to Knock Down a Silo”