Mobile World Congress Will Emphasize Acceleration, Integration of Mobile App Development

Charlotte Dunlap
Charlotte Dunlap

Summary Bullets:

  • Accelerated mobile app development with lifecycle management tools will be a key theme at MWC.
  • Will we see a marriage of MBaaS and RAD functionality within a unified platform?

Mobile World Congress is less than a month away, and I’m very excited to see how the mobile application platforms and mobile services market continues to evolve as reflected by this global trade event. Of primary interest to me is how mobile services are progressing in regards to accelerated app development, integration and API services, and hybrid cloud deployment options to address the needs of enterprise development, DevOps, and business user teams.

Specifically, I expect to see a number of innovations:

  • Platforms that continue to go after the broader ‘citizen developer’ in the ongoing challenge to speed the mobile app development process. These are achieved primarily through pre-built applications and components that help extend traditional apps such as CRM (e.g., OutSystems, Mendix).
  • A growing emphasis in marketplaces offering internal and third-party pre-built mobile applications to kick start mobile apps, especially for B2E. Kony was the latest to jump on this bandwagon this past week.
  • Integration advances, typically in the form of traditional gateway technology that has been enhanced through API services, helping IT tighten its library and governance of data access. (MuleSoft just announced Anypoint Platform for Mobile.)
  • Attention to software development lifecycle management capabilities that ease DevOps’ management and update process of mobile apps.
  • A marriage between MBaaS and RAD platforms which would provide enterprises and PaaS partners with an easy-to-consume, unified option.

I’m also anticipating a battle between traditional application platform providers (IBM, SAP, MuleSoft) and accelerated app development startups, with middleware vendors showcasing their integration capabilities and RAD providers touting pre-built application components and app lifecycle management tools.

Finally, a key piece of MEAP/MADP, MBaaS, and RAD vendors’ MWC agendas will be to seek out partnerships with leading PaaS and IaaS cloud providers (e.g., VMware vCloud Air, HP Helion), because expanding one’s ecosystem of technology partners is critical to a successful go-to-market strategy.

Remember your comfy shoes, and I’ll see you at the mobile app platforms booths.

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