Gunning for Google, IBM Brandishes a Smarter Inbox

Brad Shimmin
Brad Shimmin

Summary Bullets:

  • Last week, IBM subtly declared war on Google’s dominant consumer e-mail service, Gmail. The idea isn’t to out-Google Google, but rather to build a smarter, more cognitive inbox for the enterprise.
  • IBM is entering the freemium, consumer-grade e-mail arena with a new cloud-borne service that revolves not around traditional e-mail notions like inbox triage, but instead around the lofty idea that e-mail is itself a workflow.

Last week at IBM’s annual user conference dedicated to all things collaborative (lately called Lotusphere and newly christened ConnnectED), a curious thing happened: IBM declared war on Google. No, it wasn’t a typical trade show exercise in rabble rousing or an all-out “I must break you” sort of moment such as that delivered by Microsoft’s former CEO Steve Ballmer back in 2012, when he called down the thunder on Apple just prior to launching Windows 8 and the Surface tablet. But it did happen. During the opening keynote, IBM’s General Manager of Social Software, Jeff Schick, stood on stage and officially announced the imminent release of IBM Verse. He also announced that IBM would use Verse to take on Google’s e-mail juggernaut, Gmail. Continue reading “Gunning for Google, IBM Brandishes a Smarter Inbox”