Interop New York: Successful Cloud Transformations Start with Well-Defined Migration Paths

Amy Larsen DeCarlo
Amy Larsen DeCarlo

Summary Bullets:

  • Organizations emerging from experimental to broader cloud deployments are running into hurdles in full-scale on-demand implementations
  • Acute challenges relate to enterprises’ lack of internal cloud expertise

For all of its many potential benefits, the cloud also comes with a myriad obstacles and challenges attached that are daunting enough to keep enterprises relegating on-demand services to support only the most basic tactical use cases. Yet, however complex or difficult cloud computing may seem to be, the advantages are so compelling that even the most risk-averse have to at least consider whether there might be an enterprise-wide fit for the model in their organizations.

At Interop in New York last week, the topic of how to most effectively manage the challenges associated with cloud implementations was front and center. While often-cited issues around reliability, security and loss of IT control over cloud services were top of mind, IT professionals also expressed serious concerns about how the lack of internal cloud expertise might result in their organization straying off the best deployment path. As is the case in the implementation of any disruptive technology or consumption model, implementing cloud computing services on a broad basis requires a particular skill set which most organizations lack. And unfortunately, some have discovered that their providers don’t possess a much deeper tool kit in the cloud than they have on hand internally.

So how can organizations best prepare for the migration process? The answer lies in the expertise of available resources, whether the expertise be that of internal staff or a third-party provider’s professional services team. Enterprises need experienced personnel to map out the migration plan and also help the business deal with any potential issues and missteps that happen along the way. Successful migration plans take account of the skills, experience and expertise of resources available to execute the plan. Only with this kind of expertise can an organization be assured it is ready to make the leap into the cloud – so some organizations would be better to wait while that expertise develops.

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