The Sky is the Limit for OpenStack, and the Cloud

Amy Larsen DeCarlo
Amy Larsen DeCarlo

Summary Bullets:

  • More than 180 corporate members, including some surprising names like VMware, lined up to join the OpenStack Foundation.
  • The foundation’s dynamic entrance onto the cloud scene marks the beginning of an important new phase in the on-demand computing era as more organizations see the model as a long term strategic IT solution.

OpenStack is having something of a coming out party with the arrival of the newly minted OpenStack Foundation.  This month’s successful launch of the OpenStack Foundation, designated as the independent organization overseeing the development efforts around the cloud development platform originally developed by NASA and Rackspace, is proof of growing demand for open source solutions to help cloud adopters avoid the dreaded vendor lock in, as well as the real drive by more enterprises into the on-demand IT realm. 

Meant to provide structure and resources to developers, users, and technology suppliers to support more innovation around private and cloud efforts, the OpenStack Foundation comes into being with an impressive roster of corporate supporters running the gamut from AT&T and IBM to Cisco, NEC, and Intel.   VMware, which was once seen as an opposing force to OpenStack back in the day when Rackspace was the primary guardian of its development, startled some when it joined the Foundation.  However, the move is less astonishing in the context of VMware’s recent acquisition of OpenStack proponent Nicira and the widening market embrace of the open source cloud concept.

While as promising as the OpenStack Foundation’s debut is, it will certainly take more than the launch of a single organization to propel the cloud forward.  However, the Foundation’s entrance onto the scene is notable in providing real insight into the pulse and tempo of both technology suppliers and consumers today.  Simply put: Get ready, the cloud is really happening.  So what is your view on recent developments?  Do you think the OpenStack Forum’s launch is a harbinger of more progress to come or will development efforts stall out with so many rivals involved in development?


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