PaaS Offerings Needs MEAP Piece or Risk MBaaS Threat

Charlotte Dunlap
Charlotte Dunlap

Summary Bullets:

  • Backend integration is a key component of mobile enterprise application development (MEAP) technology
  • Vendors should include MEAP as part of their PaaS discussions, or mobile backend-as-a-service (MBaaS)will become the interim solution

Back-end integration is the most critical component of MEAP technologies, enabled through platforms or IDEs that are designed to make it easy to connect workflow applications to backend systems. Vendors need to continue to focus energies in simplifying this piece of their mobile strategy, to ensure enterprise customer adoption of emerging mobile app development platforms. Until that happens, however, enterprise developers continue to meet their mobile app development needs primarily through home-grown platforms, and struggle with the cumbersome task of integration so that their mobile applications can properly access the data necessary to support the applications. Continue reading “PaaS Offerings Needs MEAP Piece or Risk MBaaS Threat”